2014 AmCham Scholars Application Process

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As part of our long-term commitment to the people of Vietnam, AmCham will grant scholarships to 40 deserving students later this year.

Who Can Apply:

AmCham is looking to reward the best-of-the-best, regardless of which university you attend. Students that are graduating anytime between September 1, 2014 and September 1, 2015 from all accredited universities in Hanoi are eligible to apply to become a 2014 AmCham Scholar:

  • Applicant must be a “full-time” student.
  • Applicant must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 7.0 out of 10.0 (or 3.0 out of 4.0) or above.
  • Applicant must have an active record of school/social/community service activities.
  • Applicant must be able to communicate effectively in English-language.
  • Preference will be given to students that demonstrate financial need.

Why You Should Apply:

  • Receiving an AmCham Scholarship looks great, whether you intend to apply for a job after graduation, or whether you intend to continue your education in Vietnam or abroad.
  • AmCham Scholars will be recognized by over 1300 AmCham members throughout Vietnam.
  • Applications will be reviewed by human resource managers from AmCham member companies in Vietnam. This is a great opportunity to get a head-start on looking for a good job after graduation.
  • CASH – everyone can use some extra money, no matter whether you are rich or poor.
  • Scholarship winners receive a free job skills training course taught by American business leaders in Hanoi.
  • Challenge yourself: Fewer than 10 percent of applicants win. Find out if you are good enough.
  • What The Winners Receive:

    • In mid-December, the US Ambassador and American business leaders will award each AmCham Scholar 5,000,000 VND in cash. Runners-up will each receive 1,000,000 VND in cash.
    • A free job skills training course taught by American business leaders in Hanoi.
    • Admission to the AmCham Scholars Alumni Club.
    • Resume exposure to the HR departments of our member companies.
    • Priority for possible internship positions.
    • Invitations to selected AmCham events and activities.

    Schedule / Timeline

    • September 1            Application Instructions Available Online
    • September 21          Video Submission Deadline
    • September 25          School Transcript Submission Deadline
    • October 1                  Results of 1st Round
    • October 12                Online Questionnaire Deadline
    •  October 24               Results of 2nd Round
    •  November 3            English Language Skills Exam
    • November 14           Results of 3rd Round
    • November 18-25  Face-to-Face Interviews in English by Human Resource Professionals
    •  December 13           AmCham Scholars Award Ceremony

    (1) English Test Sponsor: Apollo Vietnam

    (2) Profile Assessment Sponsor: TRG International

    (3) Interview in English conducted by AmCham member company Human Resources Experts; Skills evaluated include: Communication, Career Orientation, Teamwork, Creativity, Rational Decision Making, and Leadership.

    How to Apply:

    Here is the first step towards becoming a 2014 AmCham Scholar: Create a one-minute YouTube video that describes who you are and why AmCham should choose you? There are many great students applying. What makes you special, different, or better? We need to see you in the video and it needs to be in English-language. Remember, you only have one-minute. Longer videos will be automatically deleted!

    While some video proficiency helps, fancy graphics and high-tech cameras aren’t the key to success. Approach your YouTube video with creativity and authenticity – spend the one-minute any way you wish. We don’t expect you to be a professional video editor and please don’t waste money hiring somebody to help you make the world’s greatest video. We are confident that everybody has a friend or relative with a phone that can produce a simple video to let us learn about you.

    Once finished, upload your video to YouTube (click HERE or HERE to learn how to upload a video on YouTube). Then send an email to: [email protected] with “My AmCham Scholars Video” in the subject line. All we want to see in the email is the URL link to your YouTube video and your full contact information. Do not include other attachments (awards, transcripts, photos, letters of recommendation, etc.) because we will only delete them. Do not include a cover letter or other information about why you want the scholarship. We won’t read it.

    We just want to see your one-minute video. We must receive your email no later than 9:00pm (Hanoi time) on September 21. If you send at 9:01pm, we will delete it.

    All applicants that submit the email will receive a communication from AmCham on October 1 about the next step in this competition.

    Be creative. Have fun. Make your video stand out from all the others.

    Instructions for submitting your grades:

    Please scan and upload your official school transcript with your university’s stamp to www.mediafire.com (Click HERE to learn how to upload a file on to Mediafire) then send the link to download these documents to [email protected]. Please note that we will only accept file under 1mb. You do NOT need to translate these documents into English. AmCham must receive your documents no later than September 25.

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