Internship Program


AmCham offers an internship program for Vietnamese undergraduate students (or recent graduates) throughout the year to provide hands-on experience in an international business environment. Our internship program is especially beneficial for students who are seeking to gain experience in administration, corporate public policy, economics, marketing, public relations, and other business related fields.

Interns substantially contribute to the lasting success of AmCham Hanoi. Interns can enjoy broad range of experiences while working at AmCham. AmCham maintains the highest standards and we expect the professional and personal conduct of each intern to reflect AmCham’s commitment to excellence. All interns must be fluent in both spoken and written English and computer literate. Basic knowledge of the economy and governmental policies are also beneficial. Interns are expected to work at least three months at AmCham.

As a non-profit organization, AmCham is not able to offer interns the monetary compensation they may be able to receive in the private sector. However, AmCham provides value that no other organization can offer. Our interns are able to receive the exposure that we believe is essential for someone who aspires to enter the business world.


  • Undergraduate student or recent graduate
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Friendly and open to new experiences
  • Willing to attend and help at events
  • Knowledge of the internet and web-based tools, plus basic Microsoft Office

If you are interested in becoming an AmCham intern, please send us your resume via email at [email protected]


“Enthusiastic” is what I found at AmCham. AmCham team is busy, enthusiastic and proactive all the time. But they are also caring enough to guide interns during the internship duration. I feel totally grateful for all the things the office team brought to me.”
Ha Nhat Linh (2010) – Studying in France

“What I found through AmCham Internship is depicted in only one word “Happy”. I had a happy boss, happy mentors, and happy environment with loads of fun during office time. Moreover, I had good chances to participate in AmCham events, enjoying the atmosphere with many partners of AmCham, and also communicated with many firms which would be my recruiters in the near future. They are such precious moments empowered by AmCham that a student can enjoy during the college life.”
Tran Thi Thanh Thuy (2012) – Heineken Vietnam

“Activeness is what I can describe at AmCham office. We are consecutively encouraged to be active in front of every day issues. Notwithstanding the continuous activeness, AmCham team also focus much on team work skill, and the team work activity really work here at our office. Interns also receive abundant guidance from their mentors, therefore become proceeding step by step.”
Le Thi Thu Huong (2013) – Travellive Magazine

“Internship at AmCham is definitely the most awesome experience of my college life. AmCham not only brought me a professional business-like working environment and but also provided me with a better understanding of business life in Vietnam. After the internship, I knew a lot about the network of companies and business firms in our country, by this way, AmCham drew out a better clear career path for me in the future.”
Tran Dieu Linh (2014) – Studying in the UK

“What I gained from the internship is likely more than what I had expected before. At AmCham, interns “do not make coffee”, we have many opportunity to empower ourselves. We tried a lot of different position, being in charge of many different work, therefore working at AmCham helps enhance our ability of multi-tasking skill. In a nutshell, internship at AmCham did not only train us with lots of skills but also approached us with throngs of business- like experience.”
Do Thanh Tu (2015) – Nielsen Vietnam

“There is definitely a noticeable transformation in the way I think and the way I work after 3-month internship at Am Cham Hanoi. The office supplies me with much opportunities of thinking critically and reasonably. By solving many daily issues that incurred at the office, my mindset become more and more active and straight forward. Experience at AmCham is really a good company with academic knowledge from my university.”
Le Hai Van (2015) – Studying in Korea

“Plenty of opportunities for advancement in cross functional areas. Senior management always does what they say they will do. Speed is also built into the culture. I only worked here as an intern for 3 months, but I wished I hadn’t had to leave here.”
Vu Thu Nga (2015) – Studying in Japan

“I loved the working environment here. It is pretty relaxed and very collaborative. People are willing to help intern and guide us with many skills and share us with much experience.”
Pham Bich Thuy  (2015) – Australian Embassy in Vietnam

“Professional will be the first word I would like to describe AmCham Hanoi’s working environment. Not to mention the boss’s hilariousness and the colleagues’ enthusiasm will make your internship memorable.”
Dao Hoai My (2015) – Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

“I would like to send profuse thanks to AmCham Hanoi for job opportunities in domestic and international NGOs, community and multinational corporations after internships. I highly recommend all students or graduates apply for AmCham Hanoi. You will definitely never regret your choice!”
Do Phuong Tra (2015) – US – ASEAN Business Council 

“AmCham Hanoi is the greatest workplace for me to experience the professional environment when I am working with domestic and international companies. All experiences I got in AmCham Hanoi laid the solid foundations of my career’s success in the future.”
Bui Thi Bich (2016) – Studying at Diplomatic Academy Vietnam

“Working at the AmCham Hanoi is quite a good start. I learnt a lot during my internship here and it helped me figure out a right direction for my future career. AmCham had such a wonderful working environment that gives me chances to gain priceless experience in project management process, intercultural management and in conflict resolution. In my opinion, this is a right place for anyone who wants to be trained to be a professional worker.”
Nguyen Bao Chau (2016) – Studying at Foreign Trade University

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