AmCham members visit Washington for annual advocacy trip


In mid-July, members from AmCham Hanoi and 11 other AmChams in the region traveled to Washington to advocate for policies that will leverage the Asia-Pacific’s growth for greater opportunities for American businesses. Our message to the Trump administration and Congress was simple: US companies need an integrated, cohesive strategy toward the region encompassing, among other things, high-standard bilateral and/or multilateral free trade agreements. This effort should be seen as complimentary, not adverse, to the administration’s focus on expanding the economy and creating jobs. Removing barriers to trade and raising standards will allow American companies to “sell American” and foreign consumers to “buy American.” This translates directly into a stronger economy and more jobs as companies large and small capture the boundless demand the Asia-Pacific offers. Moreover, outward-facing engagement will allow the United States, not our competitors, to shape the rules of economic engagement and set the standards for 21st-century trade. This conversation will continue at the US-Vietnam Business Summit in Hanoi on September 10. Click HERE for more information about the upcoming Business Summit.