Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Q: I find in the announcement that the deadline is 21:00 on September 21. However, I just wonder whether it is the deadline for video or materials submission. Can I submit the documents later?

A: That is the deadline for completing the video. As for transcript and other documents, applicants are required to submit [email protected]

2/ Q: I have submitted my application form for AmCham Scholarship but I have not received any confirmation letter so I do not know whether my application form has been successfully submitted or not. Do I need to submit my application again?

A: After clicking the “Submit Application to AmCham” button on the online application page, applicants would see this message below on the screen confirming that they have successfully submitted the form, which means AmCham Scholarship Selection Committee has already received your form. Therefore, do not worry if you do not receive any email from AmCham right after submitting the form, we will let you know whether you get through to the next round exactly on the Results dates listed in our schedule for this program.

“Thank you for applying to become a 2012 AmCham Scholar. Our Selection Committee will be reviewing hundreds of applications to select the most deserving students. We will communicate with you via the email address that you provided in your application. You need to mail/deliver to AmCham a copy of your official school transcript. Detailed instructions can be found on our website: Click on the scholarship logo on the left side of the home page. We need to receive all materials no later than October 12. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] Have a good day!”

3/ Q: I am preparing for the submission of the application form as well as other related certificates. Is it necessary to bring along the original certificates that I would like to submit to AmCham for scholarship considerations, or the copies of those certificates are just enough?

A: As stated clearly on our webpage, we will not return your documents afterwards, therefore, you are only required to submit the original copy of your transcript (with your university’s stamp). As for other documents, we do accept the photocopied versions, no need to notarize.

4/ Q: Could you please list me all necessary documentations for AmCham scholarship? I have some certificates of participation in several international competitions and I’d like to ask whether or not they are taken into scholarship considerations?

A: The only compulsory document that you are required to submit is your official school transcript with your university’s stamp. You can submit other documents such as your certificates, letters of recommendation, etc. to help us learn more about your accomplishments but again, these documents are not compulsory so do not worry if you submit the transcript only.

5/ Q: Can you explain to me more about applicants with “financial need”? If I do not have any documents to demonstrate my financial need, am I still eligible for the scholarship?

A: Regarding your question, “financial need” means financial difficulties that you have due to reasons such as family background, health problems, etc., that make you have less opportunities than other people. In order to demonstrate your financial need, you need to submit proper documentations with affirmation from the local authority.

As stated clearly on our scholarship webpage, “the AmCham Scholars Program welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and situations. We do, however, give preference to applicants that can demonstrate financial need with proper documentation”. Therefore, all applicants who meet the requirements in the “Who can apply” section are eligible for this program.

6/ Q: Can I go to AmCham office directly to submit school transcript and certificates or I have to send them by post? Can I send them via email?

A: As stated clearly on the Scholarship webpage, please do NOT send your grade documents electronically to AmCham, which means we do NOT accept documents submitted via email.

Please send or deliver your official school transcript with your university’s stamp, and other certifications if necessary, to the AmCham office located on the ‘M’ Floor, Hilton Hanoi Opera, 1 Le Thanh Tong Street, Hanoi. That means you can bring the documents to our office by yourself or have someone (your family, your friends) come to our office and submit on your behalf, or simply send them via post.

AmCham must receive all materials and your completed online application no later than 21:00 on October 12. We will not accept late application submissions – for any reason. Therefore, if we have not received your transcript (and other documents, if any) by October 12, you will not be considered for the next round even when you have submitted the online application form in time.

7/ Q: My friends told me that the AmCham Scholars Program requires Certificate of English language skills such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, but I could not find that requirement in your website. I have taken the TOEIC test so I would like to know about this.

A: All the requirements for this program have been listed on our website, under the “Who can apply” section. As you can see in that section, we do not mention any English certificate so even when you have never taken any standardized tests, you are still eligible to apply. Please note that all applicants who get through round 1 will have to take our English Language Skills Exam, regardless of their results in any previous English tests.

The whole purpose of this Scholars Program is to give all students an opportunity to challenge and showcase themselves so please do not hesitate to apply just because your friends tell you that the GPA must be higher than 8 out of 10 or you need the standardized English certificate. We have a transparent system for this program with all the requirements posted on the “Who can apply” section of the scholarship webpage. There is no double-standard or “undercover” requirements so do not miss this opportunity just because you think that you are not eligible.

We hope that this FAQs page will help guide you through the application process. Should you have any further questions, please contact AmCham by email at [email protected]

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