Barry S. Andrews, Chevron Vietnam

Andrews ChevronBarry S. Andrews is President and Country Manager for Chevron Vietnam and lives in Hanoi. He has been in the position since March, 2013. Barry is responsible for Chevron’s oil and gas exploration and production interests and activities in Vietnam. Chevron is the operator of the offshore Block B Gas to Power Project, a US$5 billion project which will provide 3000+ MWs of clean, reliable electricity for Vietnam. Barry has worked for Chevron for 31 years with assignments in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and the United States. Prior to coming to Vietnam, he headed up Chevron’s Geothermal and Power business, the world’s largest producer of geothermal energy.

 Barry brings a broad range of practical, international experience in dealing proactively with governments in developing countries. He has been a member of the AmCham Board of Governors since May, 2013, and is interested in continuing to serve on the Board to help ensure fair and open access for American businesses operating in Vietnam as well as those businesses that are interested in pursuing new opportunities in Vietnam.

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