2020 Election Watch Party

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Join AmCham’s Election Watch Party
Wednesday, November 4 Starting at 7:30am

As 2020’s agonizing US election season draws to a close, people around the world are waiting to see if Donald Trump will be returned in another poll-defying victory, or, as many experts predict, Joe Biden will carry the day.

Join your friends at AmCham on Wednesday morning as we watch the polls unfold hour-by-hour and witness a significant moment in history as the United States of America elects its 46th president.

Enjoy a festive atmosphere, comfortable seating, full buffet breakfast, hot coffee, cold beer, and live US network coverage broadcast on large screens as the election returns are tallied from coast to coast. Doors open at 7:30am and we’ll be watching until a winner is announced – or until we all give up and leave.

This election watch party is casual dress and open to all: American or non-American, Democrat, Republican, Independent or undecided. People have different political beliefs and all are warmly welcomed at this event. Guests are expected to behave in a respectful manner. Please know that AmCham reserves the right to remove any person behaving inappropriately – and we will.

Registration is now closed. If you haven’t signed-up, please do not come.