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Energy Capital Vietnam LLC (“ECV”) is a Vietnam-focused development and asset management company created as a platform for direct investment into energy and infrastructure opportunities. We bring a combined 180+ years of international energy expertise into a pure focus on Vietnam. Recognizing the transitioning global energy landscape and emerging US energy independence, the Company was created in 2015 to export energy independence to Vietnam through US investment, trade and development. The comprehensive ECV investment and development approach combines US and Western capital with strategic partners to create world-class and capital efficient joint ventures that deliver operational excellence and maximum efficiency to benefit the Vietnamese market.

The ECV team has invested years cultivating a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness and established a robust relationship network in-country to enable proprietary deal flow. We combine with our global energy sector network to bring unique insights from within the insular cultural perspective to provide both top-down and bottom-up approaches to infrastructure investment in Vietnam to benefit our strategic partners. Our comprehensive approach streamlines private sector investment and operation with strategically secure US-sourced investment and long-term LNG supply for enhanced energy security.

We believe business done well can be a platform for doing good within the communities we serve. ECV is committed to the long-term growth of Vietnam through community reinvestment and relationship development that engenders trust and builds social growth. Community support of social impact programs to improve local areas is a foundational principle of ECV. We desire to enhance goodwill and strengthen relationships among US and Vietnamese interests.

David Lewis, CEO and Chairman
Stuart Stott, Senior Vice President
John Rockhold, Country Director
Thanh Truong, Vietnam Domestic, Operations
Ngan Nguyen, Director Government and Media Relations

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