Membership Categories

Company Membership

  • 5 representatives
  • Must have substantial investment or operational interest held by a United States legal entity.
  • 5 votes for designated members

Associate Membership

  • 5 representatives
  • Established under the law of Vietnam that does not qualify for the company membership as listed above.
  • No voting right

Additional Company Membership

  • Additional name listed under Company Membership
  • Member is allowed an unlimited number of Additional Members
  • 1 vote each additional member

Individual Membership

  • Must be an American citizen (non-American must be approved by the Board) but who can not qualify for company nor humanitarian membership
  • Voting rights, if US citizen
  • Will be listed under individual’s name, not corporation

Humanitarian Membership

  • Reserved for those organization, such as non-government or aid organizations that work on a humanitarian basis
  • 2 representatives
  • 2 votes for designated members, if organization is established or formed in the U.S.A.

Non-Resident Membership

  • Reserved for those US organizations or individuals who have business interests in Vietnam but do not yet have an office in Vietnam
  • Once the company has established a presence in Vietnam, Company Membership criteria applies
  • No voting rights

Young Professional Membership

  • Available to any individual under age 30, open to all nationalities
  • The initiation fee is waived for this form of membership.

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