The competition to become 2022 AmCham Scholars is going on right now.
Third round results were emailed to applicants on October 30.

Thirteen years ago, AmCham began a program to recognize outstanding final-year undergraduate students in Hanoi who demonstrate leadership through academic performance, community involvement, extracurricular activities, and possess good English-language skills. The purpose of the program is to help our members find great future employees and to demonstrate AmCham’s commitment to Vietnam and its young people.

The AmCham Scholars Program in Cooperation with:

How To Apply

Here is the first step towards becoming a 2022 AmCham Scholar: Create a one-minute (60 seconds) YouTube video that describes who you are and why AmCham should choose you? There are many great students applying. What makes you special, different, or better? We need to see you in the video and it needs to be in English-language. Remember, you only have 60 seconds. Longer videos will be automatically deleted!

While some video proficiency helps, fancy graphics and high-tech cameras are not the key to success. Approach your YouTube video with creativity and authenticity – spend the one-minute any way you wish. We don’t expect you to be a professional video editor and please do not waste money hiring somebody to help you make the world’s greatest video. We are confident that everybody has a friend or relative with a phone that can record a simple video to let us learn about you. Lots of people apply for the AmCham Scholars program so this video is what will separate you from the crowd.

Once finished, upload your video to YouTube (click HERE or HERE to learn how to upload a video on YouTube). Then send an email to [email protected] with “My AmCham Scholars Video” in the subject line. Only include the following information in the email: 

1) the URL link to your YouTube video; 

2) your full contact information (name, telephone number, email address, university name). Do not include other attachments (awards, transcripts, photos, letters of recommendation, etc.) because we will not read them. Do not include a cover letter or other information about why you want the scholarship. We will not read it.

We must receive your email no later than 9:00pm (Hanoi time) on September 4. If you send at 9:01pm, we will delete it. Everything you need to do is listed in the paragraphs above. Most importantly, failure to follow these instructions will ensure you will not make it to the second round of this competition.

All applicants that submit the video email will receive a communication from AmCham on the evening of September 11 about the next step in this competition.

Becoming an AmCham Scholar is worth it. Be creative and have fun making your video!