How to get involved

How to get involved

AmCham is the most influential foreign business association in Vietnam and advocates on behalf of its members on a wide variety of issues. We regularly meet with our partners in the government to discuss issues of concern.

Advocacy is a core function of AmCham. We offer members unparalleled access to top government leaders, both in the Vietnam and the United States. We run education and advocacy efforts through commercial missions, innovative programs and other policy initiatives. We issue policy papers, publications and reports that are submitted to key stakeholders.

AmCham is a strong supporter and founding consortium member of the Vietnam Business Forum. AmCham is also an active member in the AmChams of Asia Pacific (AAP) which holds an annual Business Summit and Washington Doorknock to engage US government officials issues important for US business competitiveness in the region.

These combined efforts make AmCham an effective force for producing positive changes in the business and investment climate in Vietnam. Much more work needs to be done and AmCham will play a significant leadership role to secure optimal outcomes our members.

We encourage members to help formulate our advocacy goals and positions. Become involved in our committee activities. We also invite members to click the box below to submit requests for advocacy assistance. Non-members are invited to join AmCham and find out how we can help get your business issues resolved.

Submit Your Advocacy Request

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