The education sector is vast, encompassing early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, informal, and vocational education. Workforce development programs overlap and complement the formal education system, and provide needed skills and training to those already employed. Members’ support of these sectors includes training teachers and professors, providing infrastructure, curriculum development, materials donation, scholarships, supporting management structures and parents’ groups, assistance to government entities, providing funds for operations and volunteers for tutoring. It also includes exchanges, leadership training, internships, and job placement. The Education and Workforce Development Committee serves as forum for AmCham Hanoi members to interact and address issues and needs. It provides a resource base for sharing information through events and programs about the latest in training and talent development methods as well as organizational capacity building for academic institutions, training companies, coaches and educators. In addition, to help our members find high-quality future employees and to demonstrate our long-term commitment to Vietnam and its young people, the Committee will further develop and manage the AmCham Scholars program which recognizes outstanding final-year undergraduate students in Hanoi.