Best Prospects

For American Exporters

Agricultural Products
  1. Soybean Meal
  2. Bulk Cotton
  3. Wheat and Wheat Flour
  4. Livestock Genetics
  5. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  6. Snack Foods, Packaged Foods, Canned Foods
  7. Forest Products, Hardwood Lumber 
  8. Beef and Poultry Meats

Non-Agricultural Products and Services

  1. Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution
  2. Telecom Equipment and Services
  3. Oil and Gas Machinery and Services
  4. Computer Hardware / Software Services
  5. Airport and Ground Support, Air Traffic Control Systems
  6. Environmental and Pollution Control Equipment
  7. Packaging Equipment
  8. Medical Equipment
  9. Safety and Security Equipment
  10. Education and Training Services
  11. Franchising
(source: United States Department of Commerce)