Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2020

Today, the value of being a good corporate citizen goes beyond the pride and satisfaction of providing simple altruistic support for worthy goals. Strong and consistent CSR policies have become a cornerstone of the identity of many brands with customer bases that strongly identify with causes championed by businesses, from ethical sourcing to contractor working conditions to carbon footprints and a thousand other issues in between.

The Covid-19 crisis has uprooted the ways people work, learn, relax, and consume. There is no business, no sector and no economy beyond the reach of the devastating influence this epidemic. Even in this time of uncertainty and anxiety, AmCham members stepped up their CSR efforts to help address society’s needs during the Covid-19 crisis here.

Now in its sixth year, AmCham’s CSR Recognition Award Program identifies and recognizes AmCham member companies that demonstrate an understanding of the linkages between business operations and society, and who conduct business in a way that creates both long-term economic and social value. This year’s awards recognize the action and commitment of our many members who assisted Vietnam and the Vietnamese people during this extremely challenging time.

The program is only open to AmCham Hanoi members. The program (1) raises awareness of CSR among AmCham members and the community; (2) provides recognition to firms with best practice CSR programs; (3) continues AmCham’s CSR leadership among business associations in Vietnam. Member companies apply by completing an on-line application. The program is designed to provide recognition for all firms – big or small – which achieve a baseline level of CSR performance.

Benefits for AmCham CSR Recognition Award Winners

  • Recognition and certificate presentation at the award ceremony
  • Recognition on the AmCham website and social media
  • Recognition in an AmCham press release
  • Recognition in an e-Journal article

 General Applicant Criteria

  • Must be an AmCham member
  • Must be willing to share information with other members
  • Must complete the online application

 Evaluation Criteria

  • Attention to both business objectives and societal needs
  • Provision of benefit(s) to identified stakeholder(s)
  • Engagement of stakeholders
  • Communication and sharing of best practices
  • Incorporation of sustainability in the CSR program

2020 Program Timeline

  • July 25              Online application active on the AmCham website
  • August 10          Application deadline
  • August 12          Notification of results
  • December 8       CSR Recognition Awards Dinner