Energy Committee Meeting

Keeping the lights on is a topic on many members’ minds right now. Recent outages have already impacted members and many more are concerned about the coming weeks as the demand for power outstrips the available supply. AmCham issued written recommendations to government leaders and has met with the EVN leadership about the power supply challenges. While nobody wants their power cut – ever – Vietnam’s power shortfall is real and will be felt by many this summer.

AmCham’s Energy Committee is convening a virtual meeting on Thursday morning to discuss the impacts of continued load shedding on Vietnam’s economy, our advocacy efforts, and advice for companies to minimize disruptions and optimize their resources efficiently.


AmCham’s Energy Committee serves as a forum for AmCham members to discuss energy sector issues both among industry participants and with guests from the government. It provides a forum for members involved in the energy industry and related disciplines to discuss issues of common interest. It also provides a mechanism to bring pressing energy policy issues to the attention of the AmCham Board of Governors and, through AmCham education and advocacy procedures, the relevant Vietnamese government authorities.

This virtual meeting will use the Microsoft Teams platform. Please register your participation by clicking on the button below or by calling AmCham at (84) 24 3934 2790. Registered participants will receive an email the day before the meeting with the URL link and instructions.