2022 Advocacy Trip to Washington

Decisions that are critical to the global economy, including tax, trade, spending and national security issues, are made every day in Washington by the White House and the Congress. Each summer, the AmChams in the region take a group of members to Washington to meet top US government officials to engage in a dialog on issues affecting US trade and commerce in the Asia-Pacific area.

This year’s “Washington Doorknock” will be held from July 17-20. Doorknock delegates will be speaking firsthand with Biden Administration officials, Members of Congress, and other thought-leaders who help determine the future of US policy towards Vietnam and other countries in the region. The Doorknock is a unique opportunity to provide your input, ideas and recommendations concerning how policies made in Washington have an impact on the company or organization that you represent. AmCham Hanoi members are invited to join this important visit to Washington. Online registration and other information about this advocacy trip is available by clicking the button below.