With 1.5 billion people in the Indo-Pacific region projected to join the middle class this decade, the market presents significant opportunities for American goods and services. The Indo-Pacific already accounts for $1.75 trillion in trade with the United States and for 30 percent of US goods and services exports, supporting millions of American jobs. The AmChams around our region support deepening our economic and trade engagement in the Indo-Pacific. US trading partners are not waiting as they move ahead with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement. Join the AmChams of Asia Pacific 2022 Business Summit in Vietnam from May 19-21 to discuss the main issues facing American business in the region along with in-depth examination of specific industry issues of critical importance to AmCham members. Key Topics Include:

Navigating US-China Tensions: What are the issues global companies face in trying to navigate the ever-increasing tensions between the US and China?

ESG and Sustainability: What are the best practices of companies to meet both regulatory and stakeholder expectations in becoming more sustainable? How are companies addressing the need to incorporate climate risk into their businesses? Increase their diversity, equity, and inclusion? What are the challenges to be overcome?

IPEF: The US has not entered into a new trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region in over a decade. During that time, major bilateral and plurilateral agreements have been signed and entered into force, including the CPTPP and RCEP. Will the IPEF integrate the US more effectively into the Asia-Pacific region, or will the lost decade continue?

What’s Next?: There are many buzzwords being bandied about when it comes to business in the 2020s: FinTech, EdTech, CleanTech, Resilient Cities, Circular Economy, etc. Where are the real business and investment opportunities to be had? And what are the legal/regulatory/behind-the-border constraints from making them happen?

Join senior government officials, private sector executives, and industry-focused thought leaders for an in-person conversation on shifting from pandemic to endemic, regional economic recovery, and the United States’ Asia engagement and its implications for American business. Click on the icons below for more information about this month’s Business Summit. Please note that registration for the Summit has ended. Contact the AmCham office is your have questions or concerns.