Employment and HR issues call – April 1, 2020

  • What is your company required to do as an employer to reduce the spread of the coronavirus?
  • Can we force employees to wear face masks, or force them to not wear face masks?
  • What are the legal guidelines for an employee who appears sick but keeps coming to work?
  • Are you allowed to take employees’ temperature?
  • What should you do with an employee who had COVID-19 but has recovered – and what are the rights of other employees who no longer wish to work near that individual?
  • What is your liability for alerting customers, clients and others?
  • What if anything can or should we do with an employee who refuses to meet with customers for fear of getting infected?
  • Are you allowed to treat a 22 year old employee in great health differently from a 64 year old employee with a history of heart problems?
  • Can you prohibit employees from traveling if they are using vacation time?
  • What is your liability for an employee getting covonavirus at work who could have worked from home but the employer did not allow that versus an employee who could not reasonably have worked from home?
  • Can you cut salaries or work hours because your business is in financial difficulty?

These are just some of the many questions that members have asked AmCham over the past few weeks. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused worry, confusion, and is radically changing the way that we work. Employment and HR issues are on the top of managers’ minds as labor regulations in Vietnam are often different than in other countries. To address these issues, AmCham invites members to participate in a conference call on Wednesday at 3:00pm with Nguyen Thuy Hang, Partner in Baker McKenzie’s Ho Chi Minh City office and an expert on employment/HR law. This call will address the rules about terminating employment, reducing work hours and/or wages, workplace safety requirements, sick leave and vacation, and more.

About the guest speaker:

Nguyen Thuy Hang is a Partner in Baker McKenzie’s Ho Chi Minh City office. Her practice focuses on Employment and Labor, Compliance and Investigation, Corporate Restructuring and Reorganization, and general M&A. She is one of the few Vietnamese lawyers dually admitted to practice law in New York State and Vietnam. Hang has been assisting in various compliance investigation and advice. During her 13 years with Baker McKenzie, she has worked in the Vietnam, Barcelona and London offices. Hang is a member of the AmCham board in Ho Chi Minh City.

Please register your participation by clicking on the button below or by calling (84) 24 3934 2790. Registered participants will receive an email on Wednesday morning with the dial-in instructions.