Briefing with AmCham Hong Kong President – April 17

Last week, we heard from the leader of AmCham China about how the re-start of economic activity is effecting members there. This week, we will turn our focus to Hong Kong for an on-the-ground view of how the US business community is handling the crisis from AmCham Hong Kong President Tara Joseph.

Tara’s briefing will cover a variety of topics:

  • Business disruption caused by the pre-virus protests and what is expected to happen after the virus crisis goes away;
  • How AmCham Hong Kong members are operating during the virus shut-down;
  • Business plans as the economy slowly re-opens;
  • Challenges members in Hong Kong face trying to manage from afar and dealing with supply chains, operations, and the flow of people in/out of China;
  • Thoughts on Hong Kong’s huge stimulus package and predictions for economic growth;
  • Challenges of managing a large office that has been closed for many months.

About the guest speaker:

Tara Joseph has been president of AmCham Hong Kong since February 2017. She is charged with overall responsibility for leadership and operations of one of the most influential NGO business organizations in the Asia Pacific, with a mission to foster commerce among the United States, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Tara has more than 15 years experience working in Asia, covering top economic and political stories as a foreign correspondent for Reuters. In her 22 years as journalist, she has reported on hundreds of the world’s most important and high profile news stories including Russia’s financial crisis, Myanmar’s emergence from virtual isolation, China’s rise on the world stage and the Beijing Olympics to name a few. As a TV reporter and presenter, she has interviewed Fortune 500 CEO’s and government officials across the globe.

Earlier in her career, Tara was the editor and main presenter of Reuters Financial Television based in London, and covered emerging markets and G7 economic issues. Tara is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism, and Smith College in the United States. She has twice served as President of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest press clubs.

This virtual meeting will use the Microsoft Teams platform. Please register your participation by clicking on the button below or by calling (84) 24 3934 2790. Registered participants will receive an email on Thursday with the URL link and instructions.