Results of the Democrat & Republican Conventions

The US political conventions, a presidential campaign ritual dating to the 1830s, are being reinvented on the fly after being short-circuited by the coronavirus pandemic – much like the campaign itself. There are no roaring crowds of delegates in a cavernous hall, no balloon drops or wall-to-wall parties. Both Democrats and Republicans are offering mostly virtual programs featuring speeches and events from around the country. The reimagined format of the back-to-back conventions forces the political parties to try to find a more compelling way to get their messages across. One week after the Democratic Convention and just a few hours after President Trump accepts his party’s nomination, AmCham members are invited to join a Virtual Meeting with political expert Steven Okun to hear about the convention moments that left the strongest impressions and the path forward for both presidential candidates. Steve will also discuss the “Blue Shift”, which could be the most consequential phenomenon to understand this election. 

About the guest speaker:

Steven R. Okun, Senior Advisor, McLarty Associates
Steve is a leader on corporate public affairs, sustainability, and stakeholder engagement in Asia Pacific, living and working in Singapore since 2003. As a Senior Advisor for McLarty Associates, he advises clients on business issues from a geo-strategic perspective throughout Asia on how to operate at the intersection of business, government, media and stakeholder engagement. His own firm, APAC Advisors, works with firms in the financial services sectors on their sustainability initiatives. He served as KKR’s first Director of Asia Public Affairs from 2011-2017 and as Vice President of Public Affairs for UPS from 2003-2010. Steve was elected three times as Chairman of AmCham Singapore and is in his fourth terms as Governor. He previously served in the Administration of President Clinton as Deputy General Counsel at the US Department of Transportation. Steve is a frequent commentator on CNBC and Channel News Asia and provides regular commentary to The Straits Times in Singapore.

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