The 4th Wave: Covid’s Impact on Employment and Consumer Confidence

Inside the Data: The 4th Wave in Vietnam
‘Impact on Employment and Consumer Confidence’

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally shifted life for all of us, both professionally and personally. As the Delta variant has ripped through Southeast Asia in the past couple of months, Vietnam has been hit particularly hard. The devastation is about more than just daily case counts. Unemployment in Vietnam is at an all-time high and consumer confidence is at a 25-year low. For the second half of the year, what does the employment picture look like? What changes are taking place with consumer behavior? How will the restrictions on movement and business activities impact the economy and the people? Join AmCham for a virtual insight exchange on Friday morning with guest presenter Ralf Matthaes from Infocus Mekong Research.Based in Ho Chi Minh City as the Founder and Managing Director of Infocus Mekong Research, Ralf Matthaes has lived in, and researched Vietnam since 1994. He specializes in qualitative and social research and holds a double degree in History and Political Science, specializing in research methodology, from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. After 20 years of corporate life, Ralf established Infocus Mekong Research, Vietnam’s first dedicated smartphone based research agency, specializing in consumer trends, market entry and strategic brand development. Ralf has spoken to AmCham on retail and consumer trends for over a decade and we welcome him back on Friday.

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