ESG and Sustainable Employment to Drive Your Business in Vietnam

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ESG criteria are used to measure and track how a company’s operations affect, positively and negatively, the well-being of its environment, employees, suppliers, customers, and community. It could be considered a form of corporate social credit score. How a company applies ESG criteria increasingly defines its approach to leadership, management, and compliance. Over the past few years, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria have become an integral part of a sustainable company’s assessment of its investment and growth. In Vietnam, interest in ESG standards and their impact on growth is increasing. However, integration of ESG criteria into most companies’ strategies is still at an early stage. For many members, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Join AmCham and ManpowerGroup for a virtual panel discussion on January 19 to learn the latest ESG criteria and sustainable employment practices to help strengthen the efforts of members to maintain sustainable management.

This virtual meeting will highlight the importance of ESG as a new approach to sustainability, will propose solutions for sustainable employment – with a focus on reskilling / upskilling and wellbeing during and post-pandemic, and will discuss current practices of businesses in Vietnam. Check back soon for information on the panelists.

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