Lessons from Mt Everest

David Lim knows something about leadership and overcoming obstacles. In 1998, he made history as leader of the first Singapore Mount Everest Expedition. The landmark climb captured the nation’s imagination about the art of the possible, and ignited the need for calculated risk-taking, courage and imagination in the flat, tropical island nation of Singapore. A week after his triumphant return from Everest, he was struck down by a rare nerve disorder that left him completely paralyzed – even unable to speak – for six months. David emerged permanently disabled from the ordeal. He regained his life through sheer will and focus, and made a successful return to the great mountains.

David is now a sought-after leadership coach with expertise in motivational and negotiation skills, and building high performing teams. He has addressed hundreds of audiences in over 70 cities around the world. AmCham members are invited to our Power Breakfast on November 20 to hear David’s timeless message of overcoming the odds, the need for passion, inventiveness and perseverance. He will share his “wake-up test” of personal values and ways that you can improve at anything. He will discuss why change is hard and how you can lead change in your organization and in your life.

EVENT:           Lessons from Mt Everest
DATE:            Wednesday, November 20
TIME:             8:00am – 9:45am
PLACE:           Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, 11 Xuan Dieu Road, Tay Ho
COST:            VND 650,000 (members); VND 900,000 (non-members)

David has a breezy, humorous style that engages and entertains audiences. His breakfast presentation not only involves the telling of stories from which we can learn life’s greatest lessons, but will show us what we need to do to succeed. Attendees will enjoy a full breakfast buffet during the presentation. Please register your participation in this event by clicking on the button below or by calling the AmCham office at (84) 24.3934.2790.