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Home Tower A, 12th Floor, Suite 1201A, Handi Resco Building 521 Kim Ma Street Ba Dinh District, Hanoi Home Phone: +84 24 6263 4320 Website:
CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, with more than 160,000 members working in over 150 countries and supported by 21 offices globally. Our core services to members include education, training, technical support and advocacy. Employees and members work together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the community.
With over 130 year history (founded in 1886), CPA Australia continues to grow its presence in international professional bodies and excel its influence to a higher level of global recognition. Through strategic alliances with other organizations across America, Europe and Asia, our CPA members form part of a global network of professional accountants.
In addition to its headquarter in Melbourne, Australia, CPA Australia has representative offices in all states of Australia, New Zealand, London, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Beijing, Shanghai, Quangzhou, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
Since the establishment of two representative offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2008, CPA Australia has been maintaining strong co-operation relationships with the State Audit of Vietnam, Ministry of Finance, other local professional bodies like VACPA, VTCA, VAA, HNX, top economic universities, Vietnamese and international commercial banks, multinational corporations, Big 4 firms and other accounting & auditing firms in the country. CPA Australia now has over 1000 members across Vietnam who are working in different business sectors.
CPA Australia commits to co-operate closely with the government of Vietnam to improve technical capacity of Vietnamese accountants and auditors for meeting the need of global integration.

Hien Nguyen, Regional Manager – North Vietnam, Chief Representative
Son Tong, Senior Business Development Manager
Nga Quach, Business Support Manager


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