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Lotus Viet Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company

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Home 14 Hong Duc KP 4, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Work Phone: 0919933845 Website:

Who We Are

Viet Lotus JSC is the strategic extension of the US International Business Development Consortium (US-IBDC) in Vietnam. We are a multifaceted entity committed to integrating innovative solutions across sectors like healthcare, education, and social entrepreneurship in Vietnam. We strive to foster substantial impact and societal prosperity in Vietnam, propelled by our unique approach to ethical business conduct, community involvement, and a commitment to excellence.

About Us

Viet Lotus JSC, a sister Vietnam company to AASuccess headquartered in the US, is distinguished by its versatility and specificity in service offerings compared to other consulting firms in Vietnam. We specialize in providing strategic, innovative solutions and emphasize social impact business conduct and community involvement to achieve both individual growth and societal prosperity.

Our Distinctive Edge

 Viet Lotus JSC diverges distinctly in its sector, showcasing a dynamic synergy of innovative solutions and ethical business conduct unparalleled by companies like Vietnam Vero, PwC, and KPMG. It is the embodiment of versatile excellence, thriving on the enriched grounds of profound partnerships, sophisticated knowledge bases, and a visionary approach.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh, Director

Mr. Vihanh Tham, Business Development Director

Mr. Thomas Forsberg, Business Development Director

Mr. Dave Trong Nguyen, Strategic Partner

Ms. Erica Ahrim Shin, Business Development Associate