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Pacific Rim Investment Management, Inc. (PRIM)

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Pacific Rim Investment Management, Inc. (PRIM) has been involved in Vietnam’s energy and infrastructure sector since 1995 when it established Vietnam’s first 100% privately owned environmental consulting firm. We have worked with numerous Ministries and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in financing, design, construction, and operation of >30 major infrastructure projects.  

PRIM’s team collectively has more than 50 years’ experience in Vietnam and is comprised of investment bankers, management consultants, and engineers who have worked throughout Asia on projects that have bridged the public and private sector. 

Our team’s work experience includes individuals who have:  

  • ​Worked for key private players like Heineken, Forbes, McKinsey & Company, Coca-Cola, AB Inbev, Siemens, MITSUI, Vestas, Grundfos, and Tony Blair Associates 

  • Led projects for international entities like USAID, World Bank, IFC, GIZ, WEF, ADB, Danida, AusAid, and the Rockefeller Foundation 

  • Partnered with VN government entities, including MOIT, MONRE, MPI, and several provincial governments; and other relevant bodies like VBF, VCCI, and AmCham Vietnam 

  • Worked with multinationals on construction, design, and project management throughout the Indo-Pacific region  

  • Led socio-economic development and masterplanning activities with provinces across Vietnam 

  • Designed and advocated for national policies across multiple sectors 

  • Worked to develop the country’s first onshore wind projects 

  • Conceived, developed, and financed for community solar programmes 

  • Designed and built impact investment funds 

PRIM’s President has founded two seminal working groups to address energy challenges in Vietnam. In 2009, he created the Power and Energy Working Group of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), which he still chairs today; the consortium includes representation from MPI, MOIT, IFC, the World Bank and 17 International Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations. In 2016, he founded the AmCham Energy Committee, which he Co-Chairs with GE. 


Mr. John Rockhold, President

Mr. Matthew McGarvey, Chief Finance Officer

Ms. Pham Linh Ngan, Partner, Legal and Impact

Mr. Trinh Phan Anh, Partner, Technical

Ms. Ho Thi Xuan Hieu, Policy Officer