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Interstate Traveler Company, LLC

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Work 11990 Market Street – Unit 312 Reston, Virginia 20190 USA Work Phone: +703 689 0512 Cell Phone: +84 91 263 1226 (Vietnam – if dialing from USA) Cell Phone: +001 571 594 3708 (USA – if dialing from Vietnam) Website:

Activities in Vietnam

The Interstate Traveler Company’s product is a “Hydrogen Super Highway” (dubbed “HyRail”) or modular maglev rail system, laminated with solar-panels capable of creating enough power to operate all basic systems for transportation, communications, security, water and sewer, etc., facilitated by a large cluster of conduits contained within the central support beam of the rail. The conduit cluster can be used for virtually any liquid and vapor based materials.

In addition to transporting passengers and freight at 250mph, ITC offers additional sources of revenue such as from hydrogen, advertising, electricity, energy storage, fiberoptics, fuel pipelines, liquid waste, pure water, internet/telecom, etc.

Compared to traditional maglev systems, ITC offers more for less: reduced construction costs, quicker return on investment, more revenue and public/private partnership.

Interstate Traveler Company, LLC
11990 Market Street – Unit 312
Reston, Virginia 20190
United States of America
Tel: +84 91 263 1226

Andre Sauvageot, Partner, Director for Vietnam

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