Message from the U.S. Ambassador


Dear AmCham Members,

It’s always a pleasure to start off a new year writing to AmCham. This past year was certainly an exciting one and, looking forward, I think 2017 will bring about more positive changes for Vietnam and the United States.

We should be proud of all we have accomplished together. Because of your hard work and efforts, trade continues to flourish, and Vietnam has continued to be an explosive export market for U.S. companies. Although I know many in the business community are disappointed that the Trans-Pacific Partnership has not become a reality, we still see enormous opportunities to expand our economic relationship. Economic engagement will remain one of the foundations of the U.S.-Vietnamese Comprehensive Partnership. We will continue our work to level the playing field for American companies while helping Vietnam strengthen its infrastructure, with a special focus on key sectors such as aviation, energy, healthcare, and smart cities.

Vietnam’s hosting of the 2017 APEC year presents a particularly fertile opportunity to advance these goals, and I look forward to working with AmCham to do so. I remain confident that the values embedded in TPP – a rules-based approach to economic relations, higher standards on labor and the environment, protection of intellectual property rights – are the foundation on which Vietnam can build a thriving, modern economy that attracts international investment and creates opportunities for its citizens to proper. We are relying on you to maintain your high standards and leadership in the business sector. For our part, we remain committed to partnering with industry and the Vietnamese government in order to make it easier for American firms to do business in Vietnam and to bring to Vietnam all the benefits that will follow.

Ambassador Ted Osius


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