AmCham and Mondelez Assist Central Region Fight Against Covid-19

We can all do our part to help in these challenging times. Vietnam’s central region has been battling a serious Covid outbreak for the past month. AmCham Hanoi and Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam joined forces to deliver around 15,000 packages of food and snacks this week to healthcare workers, hospital patients, poor students and low income households in Danang, the historic town of Hoi An, and Dai Loc District in Quang Nam Province.

This effort was made in partnership with our friends at the Vietnam Front Fatherland in Quang Nam Province, the management of four quarantine facilities in Dai Loc District, and the Danang Orthopedic Hospital and C Hospital in Danang city.

If you have products or financial resources that you wish to donate to the front lines in the fight against Covid in Vietnam, AmCham will make it happen because social distancing does not mean social disengagement. Contact the AmCham office and join the effort.