Personal Development for
Young Professional Women

AmCham’s Women in Business Committee promotes professional women’s leadership and aims for gender parity in the workplace in Vietnam. We believe that empowering women for economic inclusion spurs social development and sustainable economic growth. AmCham strives to increase the participation of women in the leadership of their organizations and in AmCham by offering programs and networking opportunities targeted at the individual and organizational levels to drive both personal development and systemic change. This committee aims to engage both men and women at senior levels in supporting leadership diversity; to provide a platform for development of executive women; to raise the visibility of senior level executive women within the business community; and to be a source of women speakers/panelists within AmCham Hanoi.

On November 15, our Women in Business Committee is hosting a workshop titled, “Personal Development for Young Professional Women”. The workshop will include a panel discussion to share insights on how successful women prioritize their work/life balance to achieve their career and personal goals, the supporting role men should play and how women can better support each other to collectively advance themselves at all levels.

Kim Vo, Economic Associate, US Embassy Hanoi (moderator)
Patricia Marques, CEO, Starbucks Vietnam
Le Thai Ha Managing Director, VinFuture Foundation

Rich McClellan, Country Director, Tony Blair Institute
Lynne Gadkowski, Economic Counselor, US Embassy Hanoi

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Don’t miss this opportunity to join an honest conversation and learn something useful for your life. There is no cost to attend. Please register your participation by clicking on the button below or by calling the AmCham office (84) 24 3934 2790.