Recharge your human batteries
for radical breakthroughs

Managing a team/organization is similar to competing in a long-haul marathon, and each of us plays the role of a Corporate Athlete. Just like in sports, the success of Corporate Athletes comes from their ability to maintain sustainable peak performance while dealing with long-term stress.

On April 14, Top Human Performance Coach Alex Vandervelden, a Senior Expert in Personal Energy Management of Mentally Fit Global, will make a presentation co-organized by Mentally Fit Global, and DBAV & BeluxCham.

Participants will learn how each individual can control their own energy while dealing with a lot of pressure, how energy leaks can negatively affect our mind and health, and how individuals can boost their personal energy to be successful in personal life and professional life. These lessons will help you, the Corporate Athlete, to fuel yourself up and accelerate and achieve radical breakthroughs.

��Key contents:

  • Technique for scanning your human batteries
  • Spotting out the energy drainers to enhance your stamina
  • Shaping your own tripod to achieve radical breakthroughs

��Guest speaker: Top Human Performance Coach Alex Vandervelden

  • Top Expert in Personal Energy Management & Team Energy Management
  • Top Expert joining many international projects with our global clients: Nike, EY, Atradius, Shell, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, Allianz, IBM, Coca-Cola, Unilever, ING, PwC, At Kearney, Nestlé, Pfizer
  • Faculty of INSEAD, Top 3 MBA Business School of the world
  • Mental Coach for top athletes in cycling, triathlon, shooting…
  • Belgian record holder (1993)

��Participant fee:

  • AmCham Members: VND 500,000


  • Registration in advance is required by clicking on the button below or by calling the AmCham office (84) 24 3934 2790.