Survey: Business Impact of the Coronavirus March 2020

Survey: Business Impact of the Coronavirus

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi conducted a survey in late March about the business impact of the coronavirus on business operations in Vietnam. The survey focused on quantitative issues such as the coronavirus’ expected impact on corporate revenues and Vietnamese GDP, as well as workplace issues such as travel and work from home policies. Survey results showed that our members remain very concerned about the economic impact of the coronavirus here. The survey took place before the newest restrictions on business activity and movement.

Survey Highlights

  • 80% of responding members are very concerned about the economic impact of the virus.
  • Over three-quarters of respondents feel the government is doing a very effective or extremely effective job responding to the coronavirus crisis.
  • Reduced revenue and demand is the top challenge facing AmCham members.
  • One-half of respondents are delaying the hiring of new employees.
  • One-half of members say the virus outbreak has impacted their business to a great extent.
  • Three-quarters of members say that travel restrictions are preventing them from doing their jobs effectively.
  • Manufacturing companies continue to face challenges from reduced order demand, logistics, and cash flow management.

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