Membership Categories

AmCham members are a diverse group working together on our long-term commitments to Vietnam, its economy and its people. From small rep offices, NGOs and schools, to the largest multinational corporations in the world, AmCham has a variety of membership categories to suit your needs. Click on the tabs below for a brief description of our membership categories.

AmCham offers a premium membership program which offers select members the chance to join an exclusive group that enjoys enhanced leadership status within our community, as well as greater intelligence, access, influence, and exposure for their business. The Corporate Partners Program features four packages which allow companies to do one-time budgeting and payment for support of AmCham. Click HERE to find out more.

This category is for companies that have substantial investment or operational interest held by a US legal entity. Simply put, this is for US-based companies, or other “foreign” companies that are owned/controlled by US companies or people. This category includes membership privileges for up to five representatives of your company.

AmCham welcomes anybody with an interest in seeing increased trade and investment between Vietnam and the United States, regardless of nationality or where their company is based. Our Associate Member category is for “non-US-based” companies, defined as companies with a legal presence in Vietnam that do not meet the qualifications to be a “company member”. This category includes membership privileges for up to give representatives of your company.

There are sometimes individuals who wish to participate in our community but are unable to convince their company to join as a member. No need to worry as AmCham offers an Individual Membership for people in this situation

Just because we are a business association does not mean that there aren’t humanitarian, charitable, or other NGOs that want to be part of our community. This membership category is available exclusively to our NGO friends.

There are many companies either interested in Vietnam or doing business in Vietnam but without a legal presence here. This Non-Residnt membership category is for you and includes member privileges for up to five representatives of your company.

Available to any individual under age 30, whose company will not join as a member.

  • Open to all nationalities.
  • The initiation fee is waived for this form of membership.

Please contact Ms. Trang in the AmCham office <[email protected]> if you have questions about which category is right for your situation. Click HERE to go to the next step of becoming a member!