Let's Talk Executive Education

The business landscape in Vietnam is evolving, and so should your skills! Join a conversation that transcends traditional education and delves into tailored solutions for the executive needs of Vietnam.

Why Join the Conversation?

  • Are you an executive looking to accelerate your career and lead with confidence in today’s dynamic business landscape? Then help us understand your growth needs.

  • Discuss the unique challenges and opportunities faced by executives in Vietnam and co-create tailored solutions that work for you.

Examples of training needs:

  • Data visualization and analytics

  • Blockchain and Cybersecurity

  • Leadership and Negotiation

  • Change management

  • Strategic Decision Making and Control

Types of programs:

  • Get a certificate from the University of Washington

  • In person workshops in Vietnam; virtual sessions; visit and classes at University of Washington (USA); or a combination of these.

Who is the speaker?

About the University of Washington

  • University of Washington is one of the best universities in the world (Ranked 18 in the world — and No. 3 among U.S. public universities — on the 2023 Academic Ranking of World Universities).

  • World class faculty

  • Located in an international area (Seattle – Tacoma)

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of executive education in Vietnam. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and elevate leadership together! Join the conversation – your seat at the table awaits. Please register your participation in this discussion by clicking on the button below or by calling the AmCham office (84) 24 3934 2790.