Vietnam Business Forum

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AmCham continues to work on making Vietnam a more competitive environment where decisions are made faster, procedures are less complicated, rules are fairly enforced, and companies compete on their merits not on government mandates. The Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) is a consortium of business associations led by AmCham, EuroCham, KorCham, JBAV, BritCham, and VCCI that provides a regular channels of communications between the business community and the government.

AmCham members are invited to get involved in the following VBF industry working groups:

  • Automotive Working Group
  • Banking Working Group
  • Capital Market Working Group
  • Education Working Group
  • Infrastructure Working Group
  • Investment & Trade Working Group
  • Mining Working Group
  • Tourism Working Group

Contact the AmCham office for more information about how to get involved in VBF activities and advocacy.

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