Workshop on IP Enforcement in a Digital World

Workshop on Intellectual Property

Enforcement in a Digital World

To continue our effort to strengthen intellectual property rights protection and enforcement across the whole spectrum of industries in Vietnam, AmCham, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the United States government, organized a workshop in Hanoi on March 12 which focused on intellectual property rights enforcement in a digital world. The US Ambassador to Vietnam and the Vice Minister of Science and Technology joined AmCham leaders, other government representatives, and private sector experts to discuss digital content enforcement challenges, online infringement of physical goods, and international experiences and best practices.

At the workshop, representatives of the US business community pointed out that protecting intellectual property rights encourages entrepreneurialism, supports private sector development, and promotes growth of high-tech ecosystems and high-paying jobs for educated workers. In addition, IP protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. Similarly, artists would not be fully compensated for their creations and cultural vitality would suffer as a result.

AmCham Executive Director Adam Sitkoff noted that unfortunately, IPR protection and enforcement in Vietnam remains troubling and the Government’s enforcement mechanism needs widespread improvement in order to effectively stop, punish and deter IPR infringement here. Sitkoff added that fundamental concerns remain about uneven enforcement, administrative fines that are not significant enough to serve as a real deterrent, and inadequate capacity and competency of inspectors and local officials. Sitkoff stressed that effective enforcement means punishing infringers of IPR in a manner that will deter them and others from engaging in such conduct in the future.

The workshop, attended by over 100 business representatives, government officials, and media, was made possible by funding from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the US Department of Justice, the Motion Picture Association of America, and Baker McKenzie Vietnam.

Click HERE to view images from the workshop and click HERE to download AmCham’s position paper on intellectual property issues in Vietnam.